Best Y&R Lines Monday 1/18/10

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 1/18/10--Canada; Tuesday 1/19/10--USA


Provided By Wanda

Tucker: My adoptive parents were hardworking people. We didn't have much, but it wasn't like I lived in a cupboard under the stairs. My father's one big dream was that I would be the first one in my family to go to college. I couldn't stand the thought of spending the money that they scrimped and saved, so I audited a few classes, took odd jobs, ate at the mission, dreamt of traveling the world. End up in this little bar in London where this band played every Friday night. I talked them into letting me be their manager. Everyone thought it was a joke till I started getting 'em gigs. And that band became one of the biggest bands of the '70s.

Jill: And it all took off from there, didn't it? Everything you touched turned to gold-- your record company, the media, the airline.

Tucker: But I never stopped wondering about my birth mother. Why did she give me up? Was it hardship? Was she dead? I found out she was rich... Powerful. She just didn't want me.

Jill: So you took control of Chancellor out of revenge.

Tucker: That, darlin', was purely a business decision.

Jill: Oh, for God sake, don't insult my intelligence. You know that the Chancellor legacy means everything to Katherine, and you want to take it away from her. And god help me, I've been sleeping with the enemy. I've been complicit in taking her down. I've gotta talk to her about this.

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