Best Y&R Lines Monday 1/4/10

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 1/4/10--Canada; Tuesday 1/5/10--USA


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Nick: You know, all the speeches Sharon made about how she's changed and that therapy's changed her outlook, it's not true. It's the same damn pattern.

Phyllis: Good. I'm glad you can see that.

Nick: Look, she doesn't want to be alone. Whatever. I-I have no right to judge that. But why does she have to keep making the same inappropriate choices?

Phyllis: Yeah, she likes brothers-in-law, I guess.

Nick: She doesn't learn from her mistakes. That is the problem.

Phyllis: Yeah, she has problems. Right.

Nick: And now she's dragging Noah into this? I mean, he is gonna have a front row seat to watching her self-destruct yet again. And who knows what kind of poison Adam's gonna put in his head?

Phyllis: Right. Well, we-we'll help him. He can live here if he wants.

Nick: To me, that would be great. But all Noah is gonna think is that Sharon picked this loser over him.

Phyllis: Can we talk about us?

Nick: We are, Phyllis. This is part of the problem.

Phyllis: No! No. This is our problem. This is our problem-- your fascination with Sharon and Sharon's life, and her crises, and her choices, and--

Nick: I am just trying to let you know how fed up I am over this.

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