Best Y&R Lines Friday 12/11/09

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 12/11/09--Canada; Monday 12/14/09--USA


Provided By Wanda

Jill: But when it comes to decisions this important, I like to be cautious, and I'm gonna make sure that Katherine knows exactly the kind of player she's dealing with.

Tucker: Oh, she knows, all right. Nobody is shrewder than Katherine Chancellor. She's way too smart to pass this up.

Jill: She's also smart enough to listen to the people close to her when they have legitimate concerns.

Tucker: Do you really think you can convince her to turn me down?

Jill: Why in the world would she risk even a part of Chancellor Industries by dealing with someone she has absolutely no reason to trust? Answer--she wouldn't. She cares too much about the company.

Tucker: Oh. Whoo, the look in your eyes. You got that sparkle in 'em again. God. What a turn-on.

Jill: I take it the business part of the discussion is over?

Tucker: Let's make a bet. If you can get Katherine to turn down this deal, I will give you a million bucks.

Jill: Oh, wow. And if I don't?

Tucker: Well, I guess then we'll just have to come back here again tomorrow night and do this all over again.

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