Best Y&R Lines Monday 11/30/09

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 11/30/09--Canada; Tuesday 12/1/09--USA


Provided By Wanda

Ashley: Well, I guess I would deal with it, Jack.

Jack: We get almost no cell service up here.

Ashley: Oh, for Pete's sake. You know what? You are like a dog with a bone. You just won't let go. And you know what? You only get worse when your personal life isn't doing that great, seriously. Like Sharon-- its true--you're always trying to rescue Sharon. I suggest that you get your own life in order and then just kind of back away from mine a little bit, okay? A little bit. A little bit.

Jack: Listen, you were-- you were right about me. After I left Indigo yesterday, I went out to check on Sharon-- surprise, surprise. I walked in on her kissing another man, a bad man. I-- she was kissing Adam.

Ashley: Adam's not a bad man.

Jack: I know you and I don't agree on him. There's a reason he wore an ankle monitor for months.

Ashley: Adam. I'm not gonna tell you again how terrific he's been to me, all right? Uh, there was a time there where he was the only one I could count on.

Jack: That's because you wouldn't let me in.

Ashley: Because you had an agenda, Jackie.

Jack: What, and you're saying he didn't?

Ashley: Okay, okay. I don't want to vilify Adam. Um, he has turned his life around, and he deserves to have some happiness, and so does Sharon. After what she's been through, Jack-- I mean, y-you never get over the loss of a child. You know that. She needs to have some comfort and companionship.

Jack: Not with Adam, she doesn't.

Ashley: Well, I guess that's Sharon's call, isn't it? And you'll have to accept it.

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