Best Y&R Lines Friday 11/27/09

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 11/27/09--Canada; Monday 11/30/09


Provided By Wanda

Sharon: I don't have to justify my life, Jack-- not to you, not to anyone.

Adam: See, that's the thing. Jack here has a little trouble with boundaries.

Jack: If I didn't make myself perfectly clear, I didn't call him a "sociopath" to insult him. That's what he is. He's a textbook example. He has no conscience. Ask Nicholas. Ask Victoria. Ask them how their half brother treated them when we all thought that Victor had drowned in Mexico. And when Victor was trying to get even. This man framed his own father for murder to get him out of the way.

Adam: Now answer me this-- whose brilliant idea was that, Jack?

Jack: We're not talking about me right now. We're talking about you, a convicted felon whose only regret is that he got caught. Sharon, do you remember how upset you were when you thought I had formed a friendship with him? You said he couldn't be trusted. You were right. You got a good head on your shoulders. Use it! Am I getting through to you on any of this?

Adam: She doesn't have much to say, does she? Maybe that's 'cause we should be talking about you, Jack. I mean, after all, when we're talking about liars, I am nothing in comparison to you. After all, that's-- that's how this marriage with you and Sharon ended, huh? It was doomed from the start.

Jack: What in God's name did you tell him? don't think it's presumptuous nailing the plaque, you know, into the tree. But I figured since, you know, the ashes are scattered, um, in the--

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