Best Y&R Lines Thursday 10/29/09

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 10/29/09--Canada; Friday 10/30/09--USA


Provided By Wanda

Jack: And I forgave you. I forgave you for that because when I looked in your eye, I saw my little brother, and I knew it was my job to look out for you, and stupidly, I thought maybe you'd be grateful.

Billy: Why don't you check the ego, Jack? This is about Colleen. It's not about you. You might be going all warm and fuzzy because Victor may or may not have taken a bullet for you. That's your call. I don't give a damn. But he got CeeCee killed. He took her heart. I needed Patty in that article to show the world what a S.O.B. he was and what he did to our niece. And if you want to forget about it, fine. That's your business. I'm not going to.

Jack: You have the stones to get sanctimonious with me about family after what you just did to me? I warned you, Billy. You are walking a fine line between a charming good-for-nothing and a genuine good-for-nothing. Congratulations. You just crossed the line.

Billy: Because I'm making the magazine a success you couldn't?

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