Best Y&R Lines Friday 10/23/09

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 10/23/09--Canada; Monday 10/26/09--USA


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Billy: I tell you what, Jack, I've got an idea. Why don't you go home, put that champagne on ice, chill it, and when I get done here at work, I'll go home, and I will celebrate, and you can just hover as much as you like?

Jack: This champagne isn't for celebrating. It's for numbing the pain when you lose everything here.

Billy: You know what, buddy? You wouldn't be such a hard-ass if you knew what I was working on here.

Jack: Okay, so enlighten me.

Billy: Look, Phyllis came up with this idea for the cover story-- some fluff thing. It's, uh, celebrity pets. It's "Restless Style's" answer to all the gloom and doom in the world, but I, I know what the public really wants. What the public wants is justice.

Jack: Wait, justice for whom? Your idea of reviving "Restless Style" is taking on Victor Newman?

Billy: You did the same thing when Sabrina died.

Jack: That was different. Get up. Get up. Come on.

Billy: You know, in my off--really? Have a seat, Jack, please.

Jack: "Smug and sanctimonious, Victor Newman was hell-bent on destruction. Who would the corporate giant target next? An oil refinery? A business empire? A small rogue country?"

Billy: It's a rough draft.

Jack: "The answer is 'd,' a young, innocent, would-be art history professor." This is all wrong, Billy. You want to bring down "old mumbles"? Watch and learn. I'll show you.

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