Best Y&R Lines Friday 9/18/09

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 9/18/09--Canada; Monday 9/21/09--USA


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Ashley: Dear Victor, this is good-bye. You can't begin to know how deeply it hurts me to write those words, but you've left me no choice. When I married you this time, I truly believed things would be different, that you would be different after everything you'd been through, but once again, I was being naive. The only thing that matters to you is beating down my brother. It's far more important to you than I'll ever be. If I ever needed proof of that, I got it when I learned about you and Patty Williams-- how you brought her to town to use as a weapon against Jack, then sat back and did nothing as she proceeded to wreak havoc on your own family. You allowed that woman to torture me, kill that sweet dog Zapato and severely injure your beloved granddaughter. How does it feel, Victor, knowing Summer may never be the same little girl again because of you and your actions, your reckless disregard for anyone who gets in the way of your vindictive games? When it suits your purpose, you lied to me as easily as you breathe. How many times did you insist that I couldn't possibly have seen Sabrina when a woman you'd hired to get at Jack was masquerading as her in front of our faces? You couldn't risk my finding that out, but you were willing to risk my trust in you, as well as my health, and, yeah, my sanity. Once I realized this, I knew I couldn't stay here any longer. I need to get away, go someplace quiet where I can have our baby in peace. I love you, Victor. But I don't have any faith in you. The way you so casually manipulate people --

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