Best Y&R Lines Friday 9/11/09

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 9/11/09--Canada; Monday 9/14/09--USA


Provided By Wanda

Kevin: Why wouldn't he be? Who else does he have?

Jana: Uh, well, he has Deacon, evidently. And, you know, Deacon specifically said that he didn't kill that man in the alley, so Ryder confessed because Deacon told him to, and now this blame has shifted from Daniel, and Amber-- she feels like she owes that man her entire future now.

Kevin: Deacon is a pig.

Jana: Yeah, and Ryder works for him.

Kevin: Let me finish. Deacon is a pig, and he is a liar, and you cannot believe a word that he says.

Jana: Oh, but you believe everything that Ryder says? Do you know that he said he didn't even know who you were? A-and then--and then he confesses to you about a murder that he didn't even commit? And then he turns out to be your brother, and then he--he--he brought up this Terroni that your father supposedly had. Well, you know, the one that -- that Daniel was forced to forge. Look, I just -- I want you to be able to heal. I do. I want you to be able to move past what your father did to you. Ryder might be a lot less like you than you think, Kev. And so, until then, please can we just help our friends? Because they have been there for us, and now this is the time for us to be there for them, too.

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