Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 9/8/09

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 9/8/09--Canada; Wednesday 9/9/09--USA


Provided By Wanda

Kevin: Well, maybe none of this indicates that Tom Fisher was or wasn't there, but Ryder knew him as Tom Callahan.

Michael: I checked out that name, too, and all the other aliases Tom went under-- still no sign he was there the same time Ryder was. So for all those stories about his dad's abuse, there's a very good likelihood that Tom didn't even know he had another son.

Kevin: Man, you just can't stop being a lawyer, can you? You weren't investigating Ryder. You were looking for a way to condemn him.

Jana: Hey, that's not true.

Michael: I know how much you wanted to believe the kid, but--

Kevin: The kid is my brother, Michael, and all these records prove is that Tom didn't keep a financial account of his second family. That doesn't mean that he wasn't in the same house with Ryder, throwing him into walls, locking him in closets.

Michael: Well, everything leans in the direction that he wasn’t.

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