Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 9/1/09

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 9/1/09--Canada; Wednesday 9/2/09--USA


Provided By Wanda

Paul: So my sister comes home as Mary Jane Benson and targets Jack from the very beginning. You give my poor, lonely, confused sister a new life, a new face and a trumped-up résumé for one reason and one reason alone-- to get at Jack Abbott. And now she's completely out of control, so every mistake she makes is on your head.

Victor: Your sister isn't even in custody. You're already preparing her defense. You should pin this on someone else, Paul.

Paul: Yeah, but that--

Victor: Someone who's actually involved.

Paul: That note that J.T. found-- if you want to know anything about --Mary Jane Benson, ask Victor Newman. He knows everything. And what about the money it-- it--it--it takes to create an alias? My sister doesn't have that kind of money. You do.

Victor: Is that all the proof you have? My money, my wealth and a note? And because of that, I'm responsible for your sister's crime spree? Is that what you're saying?

Paul: And one connection-- Jack...

Victor: What about Jack?

Paul: And your sick need for vengeance. My sister was so in love with that guy, and she's so mixed up, she was bound to spin out of control, and you knew it. You knew it, and you didn't care. All you cared about was getting even with Jack Abbott and making him pay!

Victor: How has Jack Abbott paid? Your sister has terrorized my family, and I can tell you one thing. If she does it again, you'd better find her before I do.

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