Best Y&R Lines Thursday 8/27/09

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 8/27/09--Canada; Friday 8/28/09--USA


Provided By Wanda

Jill: All right, so what's it gonna be, Jeff? Do I come forward and tell these reporters about that cozy little picture I took of Victor and Mary Jane outside her hotel room?

Jeff: Keep your voice down.

Jill: Oh, that's it, isn't it? You're gonna out Victor and his high-class hooker in front of all these nice people.

Jeff: Ha, you figured it out. Now can you please leave?

Jill: Oh, my Lord. It's much bigger than that, isn't it? You found out something really juicy between Victor and Mary Jane.

Jeff: Jill, I'm warning you. If you--

Jill: If Victor wasn't there for sex, why was he there? What is the real connection between those two?

Jeff: Beats me. Now go. Shoo.

Jill: No, you're lying. Fine, I'll just go to Victor. But I will warn him that you are up to something, 'cause believe me, I got nothin' to lose.

Jeff: Done. Go. oh, come on, it's not like I've got it in my pocket.

Jill: It's not like you've got it anywhere. You and Gloria are broker than I am.

Jeff: Look, we're about to score big as long as you don't hang around here and mess it up. Now get outta here. I will get you the money.

Jill: When pigs fly you'll get me the money. You're gonna tell me right now what is between Victor and Mary Jane.

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