Best Y&R Lines Thursday 8/20/09

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 8/20/09--Canada; Friday 8/21/09--USA


Provided By Wanda

Kevin: You just happened to hear one of my speeches. That's why you came to see me. You just happen to know Deacon Sharpe, the guy who's setting my best friend up for murder, a murder that you happened to commit? Oh, wait, and one last thing. We just happen to have the same father? Come on, Ryder. Nobody's that stupid.

Ryder: Come on. After the chipmunk robberies, your story was in the paper. You sounded like me. So I checked you out, heard your speech, and you said things that I had been-- I'd been thinking for years and never told anyone about. My whole life, I've been cut off, alone. And somebody comes along, and-- and he's saying things like he's living inside my head. It was a risk, a huge risk, coming to see you, telling you the truth. But I had to know how you understood what it was like for me. And I guess now we have our answer. We lived the same life. Look, maybe-- maybe what brought us together, maybe it wasn't so much coincidence a-as fate.

Kevin: Fate? You--you're saying that the universe brought us together?

Ryder: Du-dude, come on, man, you've gotta believe me. I'm not--

Kevin: Sorry, buddy. I don't have to believe anything.

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