Best Y&R Lines Monday 7/13/09

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 7/13/09--Canada; Tuesday 7/14/09--USA


Provided By Wanda

Gloria: No, he's an actor. He's just working here to save money to go to Los Angeles.

Jeff: Ah. Are you fantasizing about being his sugar mama?

Gloria: I haven't got any extra sugar for anybody or anyone else.

Jeff: Well, that's all gonna change. Today, I make my follow-up call to Victor Newman.

Gloria: Oh, no, Jeffrey. You know, I don't believe for a minute that Benson woman's a call girl. I mean, he's Victor Newman. He doesn't pay for sex.

Jeff: Well, maybe what he's paying for is her discretion, so why shouldn't he pay us, too?

Victor: But you need money, don't you?

Jeff: Yeah, the money you cheated us out of when you shut down that bank.

Victor: I had no idea that you had invested your piddly amount in that bank. I simply pulled mine out. Now I'll give you a chance to make a large sum.

Jeff: Not interested.

Victor: That's too bad. I thought you might relish the notion of giving the shaft to Jack Abbott.

Gloria: Tell us more, Victor.

Victor: His niece Colleen Carlton is becoming a nuisance on the Newman board of directors, and I don't like it, okay?

Gloria: And what do you want us to do about it?

Victor: I want you to convince the rest of the board that she's too young and too inexperienced.

Gloria: You want her discredited.

Victor: I want her to discredit herself, but no harm comes to her, okay?

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