Best Y&R Lines Friday 7/10/09

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 7/10/09--Canada; Monday 7/13/09--USA


Provided By Wanda

Phillip: I was never gonna be the man that you wanted me to be. I would never make you happy. I wasn't gonna be the son or the heir that you wanted, because Phillip Chancellor III couldn't possibly be gay.

Jill: Gay?

Phillip: That's part of the reason that I was so miserable, part of the reason I left and burned all those bridges. Great. Now that you know that I'm gay, is everything great? Am I all magically forgiven now?


Phillip: I've always been confused about being gay. I knew who I was, and I knew that, uh... I had to hide it being a Chancellor.

Kay: Oh, for heaven sakes, we're--we're not bumpkins, Phillip. I mean, you could have trusted us.

Phillip: You want to believe that you would have been fine with it. I know you do. But you wouldn't have been. It was a different time. Genoa-- Genoa City is conservative. It was... No. Uh, you would not have been all right with it. If I stayed here, it wouldn't have worked.

Kay: Well, then you shut us out. Not the other way around.

Jill: You didn't even give us a chance!

Kay: Now--now come on. Be honest. Why--why can't you be honest? I mean, if you would have told us, you could help us learn to accept who you were. You could have. You took the coward's way out, young man. That's what you did. And then you compounded-- you compounded it 100 times over by sending us Cane to take your place.

Jill: And you say it was to help us heal, but Billy was right. Phillip, you made poor Katherine think that her dreams were real, that she'd given away my child, that she had done the unspeakable. Do you know how much agony that caused?

Phillip: Cane helped you get past it. Through him, I was finally able to make you guys happy.

Kay: Two... bloody years of happiness versus 20 years of loss? Look at me, Phillip. Phillip, look at me, please. Do you really think that's a fair trade? Hmm?

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