Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 6/9/09

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 6/9/09--Canada; Wednesday 6/10/09--USA


Provided By Wanda

Paul: Well, on paper, it seems as though you've come into being in the last few months. I mean, that's when your social security number was issued, all your credit cards. In fact, that's even when you opened that bank account with that big fat cash deposit.

Mary Jane: So?

Paul: So... well, I'd be a little curious as to where the windfall came from?

Mary Jane: My cat died and left me a fortune. What business is it of yours?

Paul: Well, you show up in Genoa City without a past, without any personal connection, none that you're willing to admit, anyway, and all these financial assets that seem to materialize out of nowhere. Who's behind this?

Mary Jane: I really don't know what you mean.

Paul: Oh, come on, somebody's bankrolling you. They went to a lot of trouble to give you a-a clean slate, a new identity, phony credentials, a plum job at Jabot.

Mary Jane: You know what? This was odd at first, you following me around. Then it became unnerving. Now it's just plain creepy. You're snooping in my private affairs. That is the definition of a stalker.

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