Best Y&R Lines Friday 5/29/09

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 5/29/09--Canada; Monday 6/1/09--USA


Provided By Wanda

Amber: Excuse me. The bet was that I could find something positive on the web about you and-- and what we went through.

Kevin: Oh, come on. Just one more. Then we get back to our bet. Come on, we gotta get the full flavor. And when I win the bet, by the way, what do I get? It's not like I need any more free cappuccino.

Amber: Hmm. Um, "I was talking about that skinny blonde bitch who claims she was just along for the ride. Someone ought to point a gun in her face and sh--see how she likes it. I volunteer. Anyone know her address in Genoa City?"

Kevin: Okay, enough wallowing. Your turn. See if you can find anyone online that doesn't think that I am Satan.

Amber: Okay. I am going to search "Silver Chipmunk" instead of our names.

Kevin: Fine. Knock yourself out.

Amber: Hmm. You know, I mean, those people are obviously wack jobs, and they don't know the entire story. You know, you were forced into robbing those places.

Kevin: Well, so were you-- by me. I still feel really terrible about that, by the way.

Amber: Well, I would do it again if it meant I could get you back.

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