Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 5/5/09

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 5/5/09--Canada; Wednesday 5/6/09--USA


Provided By Wanda

Ashley: Because ever since I walked into this house, Victor, she's given me nothing but attitude. I ask for a glass of water, and she insists what I really want is tea. I mean, I would love just to-- to make a simple request without having to get into an argument with her.

Victor: Well, may-- maybe you're still getting used to one another.

Ashley: It's so much more that that. Look, she adored Sabrina, and she sees me as an interloper. I mean, she would like nothing more than to get me out of here. She would. And not to mention she has complete access to the house 24/7. She can go anywhere she wants-- the grounds, anywhere.

Victor: Sweetheart, I just don't think that Estella would do this. I'm sorry.

Ashley: I wasn't gonna say anything... because of how it looks, but the other night when I ran upstairs after that whole dress episode, I went into my closet, and there was a garment bag and there was a photo taped on it, and it was of Sabrina from the gala, and not just that, but there were receipts of my credit card with-- with my signature, as if I had bought that entire ensemble, Victor. And I did not buy it! When I confronted Estella, she denied it, but I know she's lying, Victor, and now this. More things are happening all the time, and it--it--they're-- it's trying to unnerve us. It's trying to undermine our trust in each other. It has to stop. Please.

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