Best Y&R Lines Friday 4/24/09

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 4/24/09--Canada; Monday 4/27/09--USA


Provided By Wanda

Kevin: Where the hell do you get off? You're not even a person! You're vermin, look at you. You burrow down in the dirt and that's your home.

Chipmunk voice: And where were you just living, huh? In the nuthouse tied up in a straitjacket to keep you warm. I'll take my nice comfy burrow over that any day.

Kevin: Well, at least I've got people who care about me.

Chipmunk voice: Are you kidding me? You jumped out of a moving vehicle 'cause you didn't give a damn if you lived or died. Where were all those people who care then? I'll tell you where -- as far away from you as they could get. You're pathetic. How could anyone love you? They'd have to be an idiot.

Kevin: That's enough. I don't have to take this. I've been treated like crap my whole life, and I am sick of it, all right? People making fun of me, using me. I am nobody's punching bag. You got that?

Chipmunk voice: Look at you, foaming at the mouth; that's what crazy people do. You're a worthless, screwed-up mess. Say good-bye to everything you ever knew, because this is it. No going back now.

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