Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 4/1/09

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 4/1/09--Canada; Thursday 4/2/09--USA


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Jill: Yeah. You really did your homework. You told her exactly what to say and how to say it. In fact, you're probably the one behind all this.

Kay: Don't you dare.

Jill: What's the matter? Did I hit a little too close to home?

Kay: You have no right to go after Murphy that way.

Jill: Don't I? Isn't he your partner in crime?

Murphy: Hold on, hold on, Katherine. Look, I can understand Jill being skeptical. She's been conned before. But if you look at the blood test the doctor did, you'll see she has Lyme antibodies in her system.

Jill: Well, that doesn't prove anything. Marge could have Lyme Disease. She could have injected herself on purpose.

Kay: Listen to yourself! Do you realize how ridiculous you sound?

Murphy: Don't you want your mother back? Isn't that what you've been praying for?

Jill: That's what you counted on! That I would be so desperate with grief, I would buy anything, just like Nikki and Esther did.

Kay: And Paul and Brock and Victor and Nicholas--

Jill: I don't care how many people are in your fan club! You don't fool me! And neither do you, by the way. What do you want anyway? You want the keys to the mansion? You want a golden ticket--

Kay: Jill, I'm warning you-- I'm warning you!

Jill: I'm warning you! All the two of you are gonna get out of this is matching prison jumpsuits. So give it up, Murphy, or I'll personally have you thrown in jail. Although, it would be trading up.

Kay: All right, that's it. That's it. No, I've had it. You sicken me, do you know that? I mean, sneering at-- at Murphy here, who is one of the kindest human beings I have ever known. This home has made me warm and has made me safe, even when my own daughter turned me out! All your wealth and power-- your gorgeous mansion-- what has it done for you? Has it made you happy? Kinder? More loving? Secure? No, it has not! It has made you the vindictive, paranoid, spoiled bitch you are, and I am ashamed!

Jill: Well, gee, that really cuts me to the quick.

Kay: You--you have no idea of the poison you are spreading, do you? You're pushing everyone away.

Jill: Everyone, meaning you?

Kay: Oh, not just me. Your son, your granddaughter. Oh, Esther told me what you did to Billy. Forcing--no--forcing him out of his father's company so you could take charge?

Jill: I don't need you to tell me how to run the company, Moth--

Kay: Mother?

Jill: Marge! Marge! Stay away from my family, okay? And stay away from the wedding tomorrow.

Kay: Well, as I understand, we're more welcome than you are.

Murphy: All right, all right, that's close enough.

Kay: I'm coming back, Jill. Oh, yes, I'm coming back to... my family, my company, my home. And there's not one damned thing you can do about it!

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