Best Y&R Lines Friday 1/30/09

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 1/30/09--Canada; Monday 2/2/09--USA


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Jana: And you put a gun to his head, and you forced him out there on that lake, did you?

Eden: No, but I talked him into it. I even coached him on how to trick Phyllis into giving him permission.

Jana: Look, you're still very young, and you are bound to make mistakes. I've got at least a decade on you. I'm still making bloody doozies. The important thing is that Noah's all right.

Eden: I'm always teasing him, giving him a hard time, but I really like him.

Jana: Yeah, I think I picked up on that.

Eden: If I tell you a secret, promise you won't say anything to Michael.

Jana: On my honor.

Eden: Noah's the first boy I ever kissed.

Jana: Well, that makes him very special then, doesn't it?

Eden: He helped me so much when my dad was in jail and when River left.

Jana: It was really great you had him to lean on.

Eden: That's why it's so lame that they wouldn't even let me see him after he woke up.

Jana: You'll see him soon. Don't worry.

Eden: Don't be too sure. We've already been forbidden to hang out together.

Jana: Well, that obviously didn't stop you, did it?

Eden: I'm just afraid that after tonight, they're gonna try something drastic to keep us apart.

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