Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 12/17/08

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 12/17/08--Canada; Thursday 12/18/08--USA


Provided By Wanda

Jeff: Oh. All that guilt she must be feeling. That face cream scandal forced you to walk away from Jabot. Man, we were bothGgloria's victims.

Jack: She talked to you about this?

Jeff: Are you kidding? Would I have used it on myself if--

Jack: She did. We had pumped millions of dollars into our new product, Gloagain. We made a whole batch of samples to hand out at stores and boutiques. Gloria mixed a cleaning solvent into it and put it on her own face.

Jeff: Yeah. That woman goes places I'd never go. I'm too much of a hedonist to ever wanna hurt myself.

Jack: Of all the times for this to happen-- just when the Abbotts get control of Jabot again. If it gets out that my father's widow is responsible for Emma Gibson's death....

Jeff: Yeah, the press will have a field day.

Gloria: I got nothing to say to you.

Jack: You're lucky there's a guard outside that door. Right now, I'd like to wrap my hands around your scrawny little neck and squeeze the life out of you.

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