Best Y&R Lines Friday 12/5/08

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 12/5/08--Canada; Monday 12/8/08--USA


Provided By Wanda

Nick: Tell me something, is there any line you won't cross?

Jack: Oh, you look like you need a valium. And you--you've got that glow you always have when you screwed somebody over.

Nick: Oh, shut your mouth. This is about you and that phony diary that has my dad in jail. You introduced Adam to that publisher, didn't you?

Jack: I passed a phone number along.

Nick: You're behind every word of that trash. It wasn't Adam, it was you.

Jack: I never saw that thing until Adam showed it to me.

Phyllis: Wow, squirming doesn't look very nice on you, Jack. Too bad your wife isn't here to see it.

Jack: Careful, squirming might be contagious. You might be next in line.

Nick: You could never beat my dad fairly. It must eat you alive, doesn't it?

Jack: And what's eating you Nick? The fact that your old man's a killer? Or the fact that he-- he did the deed, and then he cut you out of his life. Or is it the fact that he came back because of Ashley, not because of you or Victoria?

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