Best Y&R Lines Thursday 12/4/08

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 12/4/08--Canada; Friday 12/5/08--USA


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Victor: Mr. Ellis, let's cut the bull. Let's get down to business. My lawyer will be here in a moment.

Frank: Then we can figure out how to get the million bucks in without leaving a trail.

Victor: I'm not gonna pay you a dime.

Frank: Fine. Suit yourself. You know, although, I heard a rumor about the diary. Was it two-- no, three separate labs are saying it's the real deal... Including the one that your hotshot lawyer picked. You know what? If it is a forgery, then whoever's responsible did a hell of a job.

Victor: Indeed, they did.

Frank: Find the forgerer, this all goes away. You're free to nail the bastards who set you up. You want names, places, I'm your man, but if you're not willing to pay me for the information... Well, send me a postcard from Mexico, will you? I heard the prisons are a real-- a real bitch, but you'll have plenty of time to brush up on your Spanish.

Victor: Now you listen. Since we last spoke, I've gathered my own information about you.

Frank: What kind of information are you talking about?

Victor: Mr. Ellis, after you walked out on your family, after you abandoned them, your wife had to take a second job. She had no money. There's no way to reach you, no way to support her disabled boy, your boy Matthew, little Matthew, who's severely disabled, who's autistic. He needs a lot of medical help. She doesn't know where to get ahold of you.

Frank: There's help. The government has programs.

Victor: Don't hold your breath about government help, all right? Your wife is going through hell.

Frank: Stay out of this, okay? This is my personal business.

Victor: You made it my business, Mr. Ellis, when you tried to extort money from me.

Frank: What, so you're gonna threaten my wife and kid to get me to tell you what I know?

Victor: You're a lucky man because I'm not one of those wealthy guys who would do that because I have children of my own. I have grandchildren. I love them. I don't want any harm to come to them. So I'll make you a proposition. You tell me everything you know about this diary and tell me everything about anyone who was involved. In return, I'll take care of your family. Your wife will never have to worry about putting about putting groceries on the table or feeding your baby, never have to worry about medical bills anymore. I'll take care of that.

Frank: What if I say no? Then what'll happen?

Victor: You don't want to find out.

Frank: You won't even get me better lawyers to beat the charges?

Victor: You're already looking at hard time, Mr. Ellis, bank fraud, some other misdemeanor charge, another felony. You're a 3-striker. You want to add a fourth strike?

Frank: So if I tell you what I know, you won't throw me to the cops? Is that part of the deal?

Victor: You start talking now. I'm listening.

Frank: Well, Adam brought me samples of your handwriting and then some of the pens you used to write the notebook.

Victor: So you did the forgery.

Frank: Yeah. Jack Abbott did his homework, hired the best in the business.

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