Best Y&R Lines Thursday 11/20/08

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 11/20/08--Canada; Friday 11/21/08--USA


Provided By Wanda

Gloria: Does this outfit just scream "C.E.O. Of Jabot"?

Jeff: Uh... overconfidence is, um, dangerous, cupcake. Katherine left you the stock, but until Jack has the proxies, it's all just pretty fantasy.

Gloria: Jack wants this as much as I do, so it's going to happen.

Jeff: The Bardwells and Abbotts working together. On that note, I need a shower.

Jack: Yes, maybe I have lost my mind, but I am this close to regaining the family legacy. And that's okay with me.

Ashley: Wait a second. You can't go anywhere near Jabot. You keep forgetting that!

Jack: First things first, get the company back.

Ashley: Gloria doesn't have any ethics or morals, Jack. She'll throw you under the bus or me or Jabot, if it serves her purpose.

Jack: Which is why I intend to do unto others at the first opportunity. Right now, that woman and her so-called husband have a lot of Jabot stock. They have it. I want it. It's simply business. I need your help.

Ashley: I don't like this.

Jack: Ash, your help, your proxy is the last piece of the puzzle. And then we have dad's company back. If you won't do this for me, do it for dad. It's been a long time coming.

Gloria: Come on, Kevin, let's celebrate. I'm gonna be running Jabot.

Jeff: We, dearest.

Gloria: Yes, lover man, we. Before Katherine died, we did some things that could've come back to haunt us, but they didn't. And she's gone. And God rest her generous soul. And I am gonna be taking care of you, Kevin.

Jeff: She'll show her love in the best way possible-- with lots of zeros.

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