Best Y&R Lines Monday 11/17/08

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 11/17/08--Canada; Tuesday 11/18/08--USA


Provided By Wanda

Jack: I assume everyone else noticed that Ashley was the only one in that chapel that wasn't surprised when Victor walked in. This makes me sick to my stomach.

Dina: N-now listen, son, if Victor is arrested for murder, surely your sister will have the good sense not to get involved.

Jack: Well, hopefully, he'll have the good sense to disappear again... without Ashley.

Sharon: What isn't a big deal?

Adam was just asking if it was true that Victor showed up at the funeral. And yes, the great man made a grand entrance and then proceeded to sit next to my sister for the entire ceremony, so you will forgive me if it was too upset to notice anything else. Sorry.

Brad: So what do you know, huh? Big daddy's back. I imagine Nick and the family must be reeling.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. We're relieved that Victor is safe.

Brad: And...

Phyllis: And... Lake Delaney is that way. Don't forget your waders.

Brad: Mm, then you admit there's something worth fishing for?

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