Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 11/5/08

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 11/5/08--Canada; Thursday 11/6/08--USA


Provided By Wanda

Kevin: I love... I love how you find your true self more every day. I love that. But every day I wake up and I am more and more confused as to who I am. Am I this boring mainstream guy? Am I this screwed-up kid? How am I supposed to figure it out? I mean, don't have a higher power guiding me, right? I wouldn't even know what that is. And faith? Faith? The most faith... that I have ever put into anything is loving you. And every day I wake up and I know that that could disappear. ...... It could disappear at any moment. So... so I say to myself, and I know that you think this is crazy, but I say, "give her everything." Give her everything and she won't go away.

Jana: You do. Kevin, you have given me everything that I have ever wanted, and that... does not include money. God... I love you. And that will never, ever change. But you don't believe me, do you? Why can't you...

Kevin: I don't know. ..... I don't know. Because... because-- because it's not my life. In my world, good things don't last. And--and happiness-- happiness is a couple of minutes when the pain stops, maybe. And love? Love is something that beast the crap out of you. Mm. Uh, listen to me. I sound like a little kid locked in a closet right now.

Jana: You deserve better than that.

Kevin: That's why I want to give you everything. Because that's what you've done for me.

Jana: You are all that I have ever wanted, and all that I will ever want.

Kevin: All right.

Jana: And I will keep saying that to you every day until you believe me. We're enough, you and I. If you don't trust the universe, then... trust me. You don't need to go searching for prestige or money. You don't need to go looking anywhere else. Just look right here.

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