Best Y&R Lines Friday 10/24/08

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 10/24/08--Canada; Monday 10/27/08--USA


Provided By Wanda

Kay: Well, I owe you. I owe you my life. So if I could, uh, return the favor...

Marge: Nah, nah. No, I'm good. I'm good. You knew that, didn't you?

Kay: You're drunk.

Marge: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah. Seems like we got more in common than, you know, just a pretty face.

Kay: Are you an alcoholic?

Marge: I never did like the sound of that word. I know I used to have a-- I used to drink a truckload of beer, but now I'll have a drink, you know, once every now and then. Anyway, it seems like it-- I-I just think it's time that we-- both of us got together-- together, and we just...

Kay: So where have you been?

Marge: Well, slinging hash same old place, the diner where Clint Radisson found me. Now there's a name that I ain't even thought about in years. Boy, I hope that sucker's rotting in jail somewhere. You sure you want to be here?

Marge: What in the hell are you staring at?

Kay: The last time I heard, you were gonna have that gold tooth replaced. What happened?

Marge: Hon, I took a great, big old bite out of a fried chicken leg, and that sucker just popped right out, hit the floor, and I decided right then and there I was gonna retire the bling.

Kay: Well, without it, you look even more remarkable.

Marge: Well, you know, I've seen the papers, and I've sort of kept up the blond hair and a couple of fingernails. You know, Katherine, that was one of the-- the biggest gifts, and yet, it's a big curse to me looking so much like you. That's the truth. There for a while, I-I thought-- I really thought that was-- was my ticket to the mansion.

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