Best Y&R Lines Thursday 10/23/08

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 10/23/08--Canada; Friday 10/24/08--USA


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Adam: You know, I've had it with you, Jack. I mean, why weren't you even there with Frank? You know, I had to agree to give him ten extra percent just so that he would give me the diary.

Jack: You know why I wasn't there. I was meeting with Robert. It couldn't be helped.

Adam: Why don't I believe you? You know, if this all goes down, I'm gonna take all the blame.

Jack: You think maybe you're being a little paranoid here? Because I missed a few meetings? My neck is on the chopping block, too, here. Remember, that's my voice on that recorder. Adam, we are going to make a fortune on this book. We are much farther along than I ever expected we'd be.

Adam: And if Victor turns up?

Jack: Even if he does, who cares? The handwriting experts will authenticate this diary.

Adam: If they don't?

Jack: If they don't, we say we bought it from some stranger in Mexico. We were the victims of a hoax. We pay back the money, no harm, no foul.

Adam: Well, what if Victor does show up?

Jack: He can deny writing it all he wants. He can't prove he didn't write it. Look, I know a lot of the actions in that diary are over the top, a little crazy, but think about his behavior when he first got back from Mexico. Come on! And it's all verified, documented, witnessed. He's so crazy, his family wants to have psychiatric evaluation. Whether he never shows his ugly face here again or shows up tomorrow, we have Victor Newman right where we want him.

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