Best Y&R Lines Friday 10/17/08

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 10/17/08--Canada; Monday 10/20/08--USA


Provided By Wanda

Adam: Really? Well, I got more for him. Um, I want you to take a look at my laptop.

Jack: Your laptop? I thought you were gonna show me stuff from the forger.

Adam: Uh, no, the diary will be ready soon, but this is my article for the magazine.

Jack: Your expose? The son's perspective on the sick and twisted father? I thought we had such success building the diary you'd decided against that.

Adam: No, no, no, no, I've been working on this all night. I think it's gonna lend a lot of credibility to the diary.

Jack: Okay. Let's hear what you got.

Adam: All right. "My beloved mother's dying wish for me was to have a relationship with the father I never knew, Victor Newman. My first instinct was to run in the other direction, but then I decided to honor my mother's plea. I went to Genoa City to become acquainted with my father and the family I'd never met."

Jack: Okay. Great start.

Adam: Hold on, it gets better. "Victor embraced me fully, and I grew to respect, even love the man. But it wasn't long before I saw him with new eyes, an egomaniacal, unforgiving man whose vengeance knows no bounds. I came to see that Victoria and Nicholas are indulged children whose lack of talent is dwarfed only by their misguided sense of entitlement."

Jack: Wow. I couldn't have said that any better myself.

Adam: "But what cut to the quick was how, when I reached out to them as a family, they coldly rejected me. The only kindness they ever showed me, if you can even call it that, was warning me about my father. They said that he wasn't what he appeared to be. And over time, they proved to be right. I saw a Victor Newman who was beyond cruel. But did that make him capable or murder? Actually, yeah, I think so." Huh? That's it. I mean, I gotta make some changes, you know--

Jack: I think it's fabulous. It's passionate, it's gripping, it's personal. I only have one word of advice.

Adam: What's that?

Jack: Don't hold back.

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