Best Y&R Lines Friday 10/3/08

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 10/3/08--Canada; Monday 10/6/08--USA


Provided By Wanda

Jack: Welcome home, little brother.

Billy: Oh, it's good to be back. You, too. And, uh, I thought you'd be back from New York already.

Jack: Well, I had to wrap up a couple of things.

Billy: Was she cute?

Jack: Does bald and pot-bellied turn you on? ....So how does it feel to be back in Genoa City?

Billy: Uh, truthfully, Jack, it's like living in "The Twilight Zone." The brother, who I just found out I have, C.E.O. of Jabot?

Jack: Not for long.

Gloria: Jack? Jack, I need to talk to you... about termites. I believe we have termites.

Billy: Talking about "The Twilight Zone"...

Gloria: My, my, what a wonderful surprise. Welcome home, Billy.

Billy: Is she still living here?

Gloria: Yes, she lives in the pool house.

Billy: Oh. Why?

Gloria: Because I was married to your father and I like being around his things.

Billy: And you put up with this why?

Jack: Uh, hard to explain.

Gloria: He has a big heart. Coffee, anybody?

Jack: We're fresh out here. There might be a pot in the kitchen.

Billy: That certainly is a beautiful bracelet. I see you're spending my father's money.

Gloria: (Chuckles) actually, my husband Jeffrey bought this for me on our honeymoon in the Caymans. Talk to you later about those termites, Jack.

Billy: The Caymans? Oh, come on, Jackie, why is she staying here? Come on!

Jack: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I'm keeping an eye on Gloria.

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