Best Y&R Lines Thursday 9/25/08

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 9/25/08--Canada; Friday 9/26/08--USA


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Victoria: What does the doctor think about the way my dad's been acting?

Dr. Liebross: Neither of us believes it's related to his prior neurological problems. I suspect it's an episode of major depression, which isn't uncommon in patients with seizure disorders.

Nikki: Or in people who have lost what he's lost?

Dr. Liebross: His wife's death probably triggered it, yes. Now there are a number of antidepressants we can use in tandem with the phenytoin Mr. Newman's been taking. Uh, the trick is finding the right combination and then fine-tuning in order to minimize side effects.

Nick: Doesn't sound like a quick process.

Dr. Liebross: It could take weeks, possibly longer. Now if he were to become an inpatient, which I strongly recommend, that would expedite matters. Particularly, uh, if you believe that he will resist your efforts to make sure that he takes care of himself.

Victoria: Look, he's surrounded his house with armed guards. He called the police when my mother tried to visit. He's not gonna cooperate. Trust me.

Nick: It's obvious we need to do something, I'm just not sure what that is.

Victoria: When he was on his own he wasn't eating. He wasn't sleeping. So if you think that we're gonna send him back to his little fortress and he's gonna actually take this medication that Dr. Liebross has prescribed... I don't even know if he'll keep taking his anti-seizure medication, mom. I mean, you said that he was hallucinating earlier. What if it occurs to him, hey, I can have visions of Sabrina all day if I stop taking this medication.

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