Best Y&R Lines Thursday 9/18/08

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 9/18/08--Canada; Friday 9/19/08--USA


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Jack: I bought those pictures the morning after Sabrina's accident from a piece of scum who was selling 'em to the highest bidder. And I paid a pretty penny for 'em, too.

Adam: That was months ago.

Jack: I had no intention of using 'em. I took them off the market so no one else could publish them.

Adam: You changed your mind?

Jack: Oh, you're referring to my, uh, releasing them to the tabloids? No, that was a bluff. I liked Sabrina. She was a class act.

Adam: So you wanted to provoke a reaction from Victor?

Jack: I figured as soon as Victor saw those pictures, he'd come running out of that house with both arms swinging.

Adam: So you wanted a fight?

Jack: I still want a fight. He gave Nick the money to buy the magazine out from under me. It's time for payback.

Adam: Okay, so what happened?

Jack: Nothing. Goon number one said Victor never even uttered a word when he saw the pictures.

Adam: Hmm. That is weird.

Jack: It presents us with an interesting situation. It appears Victor has sunk deeper into his misery than I thought.

Adam: Yeah. Well, you may be right. I mean, he's completely shut himself in that house. It's like a tomb.

Jack: Which would be the perfect time to take advantage.

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