Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 9/16/08

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 9/16/08--Canada; Wednesday 9/17/08--USA


Provided By Wanda

River: I have to get back to the Ashram. But I can't leave things as they are.

Gloria: Well, just don't try to kiss me good-bye. I'll knock your teeth out.

River: You can't tell me there's nothing between us.

Gloria: There is nothing between us, Lowell.

River: If not this life, the next.

Gloria: You really believe all that stuff, don't you?

River: You used to believe in things, too, Gloworm.

Gloria: Don't call me that.

River: You used to like it.

Gloria: Not anymore.

River: Why so uptight?

Gloria: All right, I'll admit, last night was fun. It was nice in a reliving the carefree days of our youth, but when you start talking to me about a relationship, yeah, I get a little uptight.

River: Let's step outside? My last fight was 1968.

Jeff: Which is why I'm gonna kick your ass.

Gloria: Oh, stop it, Jeffrey. There's nothing to get upset about.

Jeff: Oh, yeah? How about the fact that you lied to me? Lauren and the baby aren't even in town. You were with him last night, weren't you?

River: Yes, reminiscing.

Jeff: I'm speaking to my wife.

Gloria: Would you relax? Everybody settle down. I think it's time for you to go.

Jeff: Not before I punch this psychedelic flake--

Gloria: Stop it, Jeffrey. Believe me, you got nothing to be jealous of.

River: Look, we talked about the past and that was it. Great times for me. But, uh... not so much for her.

Gloria: Ain't that the truth?

River: She made it very clear. Her heart is with you. You take good care of her.

Gloria: I think you had him shaking in his bell bottoms.

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