Best Y&R Lines Thursday 5/22/08

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 5/22/08--Canada; Friday 5/23/08--USA


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Jana: She should be anonymous. You know, anonymous giving is the highest form of charity. Maimonides said that in the 12th century.

Gloria: Stop, Jana.

Jana: Stop what?

Gloria: I know that you're about to tell me that this is going to come back to me a thousand fold.

Kevin: It's a touchy subject, baby.

Jana: Whoops. Yeah, that's right, isn't it?

Keith: Going public could ease the sting, Gloria.

Gloria: Yeah, right. So everybody and his uncle can hit me up for donations?

Kevin: Hey, you can give some of it to me. I could start a charity.

Gloria: Forget it. I don't want anybody else knowing what a fool I've been, giving half of my money away to charity and losing the other half in a divorce. I'm gonna be the laughingstock of this town.

Kevin: Well, when you put it that way...

Gloria: Can we just please get this over with? I feel like it's an amputation, but instead of body parts, it's my money, and caffeine ain't a great anesthetic.

Gloria: You know, why on earth you hate me so much I have no idea. All I did was fall in love with your father, and he fell in love with me. But you just couldn't accept it, could you, Jack?

Jack: Excuse me, I've already seen this movie.

Gloria: And you refused to let us enjoy what little time we had together. And then after your father passed away, you just kept on going. Kicked me out of my home, threw my clothes out in garbage bags--

Jack: Not today, Gloria.

Gloria: You know something, Jack Abbott? I lay at your feet every bit of misfortune, every bit of bad karma I've ever had.

Jack: You have half of my father's money, all of William Bardwell's money, and yet I gotta stand here and listen to you bellyache? Meanwhile, there are people, like my wife, who are suffering loss-- tragic loss. There are people thrashing about in the water all around you, Gloria, while you swim in your own self-pity. It would be comic, if it weren't so damn sad.

Noah: Yeah, and if you wanna talk about it, I'm here. Unless it'll make you too sad.

Sharon: Oh. That is so sweet, thank you. You know... it's okay to be sad. It's a part of life. Dying, you mean? Yeah.

Noah: Do you think Cassie can see us?

Sharon: I think that when you go to sleep at night, and the window's open, and you feel a breeze on your cheek? That's your sister.

Noah: That happens to me sometimes.

Sharon: Yeah, me, too.

Noah: I miss her, Mom.

Sharon: I miss her, too.

Sharon's voice: Just think about that breeze, Noah. Think of it as a big hug from your sister. And you hug her back with your heart.

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