Best Y&R Lines Monday 5/19/08

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 5/19/08--Canada; Tuesday 5/20/08--USA


Provided By Asiya

Chloe: And could you please smile more quietly? Because I have little people bungee jumping around in my head.

Chloe: Just please tell me that I was not dancing on the table or that any clothes were shed, because I do not remember a thing.

Chloe: You know, I don't understand. Why is everyone in this town so uptight?

Cane: I'm not from this town.

Chloe: Well, whatever. Living here has clearly affected your easily shocked meter, because everyone in L.A. and New York makes out with everyone. Friends' boyfriends, friends' girlfriends, friends, period.

Cane: Darling, I don't shock easily. So next time you wanna go bi... coastal, all right? You feel free to indulge, just remember one thing. You will show Lily and me some respect.

Alistair: I wasn't privy to that either.

Jill: Well, what the hell are you privy to beside the privy in your hotel room?

Gloria: Why don't you try the desk drawer?

Jeff: Oh, yeah, right. Just like everything else in your life, a federal disaster area.

Gloria: You know, when I get rid of you, I'll be rid of the biggest disaster of all.

Jeff: Yeah, and I get the money. I win. And don't think my leaving town lets you off the hook. My lawyer will finalize the settlement after I'm gone.

Gloria: Gone? Back to Korea and your little kimchee?

Jeff: Kyon. You bet, baby.

Gloria: Yeah, well, maybe she'll keep you provided with endless hours of stimulation.

Jeff: Kyon is ten times the woman you are. She knows I'm great in bed.

Gloria: Aha. A woman of low expectations.

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