Best Y&R Lines Thursday 4/10/08

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 4/10/08--Canada; Friday 4/11/08--USA


Provided By Asiya

Gloria: My sons don't talk to me. I'm married to a snake. I'm in this big old house all alone.

Jana: That chill. Those--those vibrations. I don't care if you say that that ghost was phony, there are definitely spirits in this house. I feel them.

Michael: I did. And he decided to take it up with me with a client I was meeting with, in front of that client. What a cretin!

Jeff: Oh, come on, Man. We're partners in crime, so to speak. You know, and, you know... here we are, a couple of yeggs sitting at the bar drinking our troubles away while the sun shines high in the sky. All thanks to one Gloria Baldwin Fisher Abbott Bardwell Bardwell.

Brad: You're asking her out while she's having lunch with me?

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