Best Y&R Lines Friday 2/8/08

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 2/8/08--Canada; Monday 2/11/08--USA


Provided By Asiya

Nick: Well, purple's the new black.

Gloria: Yeah, I can see that. And my darling husband has one too many mojitos, slips overboard and his body's never found.

Jack: I guess I'll always think of Jabot as my father's company. It just kills me that I have no say in how it's run. Your mom at the helm of my father's company? I'm afraid that's always going to be a bitter pill to swallow.

Kevin: What career? You were just passed over by Jill for the big job, which she gave to Nikki of all people, who then brought on Brad Carlton to help her run the place. And what about her new love interest David Chow? You can be sure he's gonna get a heavy duty role in this pageant. Mom, the way I see it, you are destined to stay where you are for a long time. If I were you, I would just bail.

Neil: I see. Well, Victor's not gonna be happy about this.

Brad: Gee, hopefully, I'll be able to sleep tonight.

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