Best Y&R Lines Monday 12/17/07

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 12/17/07--Canada; Tuesday 12/18/07--USA


Provided By Asiya

Victor: I'm gonna leave this room because I can't breathe this hot air that both of you produce. When I come back, you and I will continue this conversation without being interrupted by you.

Kay: Well, most of them were against me. We got into it more times than I can count. (Chuckles) we were fighting over... who our home belonged to. And we ended up in court. And there she was in my face, screaming, and I'm not proud of this, but... I slapped her. Next thing I knew, we were rolling around on the floor and her hands were wrapped around my throat.

Kay: That's irrelevant. That's irrelevant. And this should really act as a fair warning to you, sweetheart. I hung onto a fantasy that someday, the man I said I would love for the rest of my life would love me again. And it doesn't work that way. It just doesn't. No matter how much you love someone, you cannot make that someone love you in return. You can't. Either they do or they don't. Cane doesn't love you, amber. Cane does not love you. And I-I think it would be better if you accept this. Let it go.

Lily: Yeah, I know, um... I know most girls my age are still majoring in partying, but I'm so over that.

Nikki: Perhaps you're not aware of this, but there is such a thing as hiring an attorney on a contingency basis. 33% of several hundred million dollars is pretty good motivation. I'm gonna go see my daughter now. See you in court.

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