Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 11/20/07

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 11/20/07--Canada; Wednesday 11/21/07--USA


Provided By Wanda

Michael: Well, the kitchen's neat. And you certainly don't look crazed from self-inflicted responsibility for the perfect meal.

Amber: Oh, wow. Waiting in a hospital for a comatose/pregnant lady to possibly wake up or not? Mm. Gimme a second helping of that.

Neil: Yeah, takeout-- the whole dinner, it doesn't matter, canceled orders, leftovers, beggars can't be choosers. If you've got a turkey leg, a whole pie-- if that's all you got, we'll take it.

Karen: No, no, no, no. Are you kidding me? I mean, think about it. I mean, here you are, uh, Grandma Lily, just in the kitchen making that interesting Thanksgiving meal, and you've got all your little grandkids running around you going, "Ooh, I love it here, 'cause it's so much fun! And it's warm! And it's wonderful! But, oh, the food --" and then they sit down at the table and they say grace and they give thanks and then try to figure out how the heck they're gonna get that food to little scruffy the dog under the table, right? So there you are with these incredibly happy grandkids, thinking they're sneaking something over on you, and you've got a big fat dog. There you have it. There's your tradition.

Gloria: 200 inmates isn't enough company for Jana?

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