Best Y&R Lines Monday 11/19/07

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 11/19/07--Canada; Tuesday 11/20/07--USA


Provided By Wanda

Kevin: Scenario number one -- Amber shows up at Jabot and finds lover boy being fed cranberry sauce by two naked girls.

Daniel: Yes. At which point, Amber beats all of them up.

Amber: Very funny. Very funny.

Kevin: Attacked by a bunch of rabid dogs who want her turkey?

Cane: You Yanks have the quaintest customs, don't you?

Cane: Don't worry about it. Lily was telling me about your, uh, American custom of stuffing your face and then passing out in front of the telly.

Lily: No, um... no, I didn't-- I-I didn't mean you specifically. I-I just meant anyone who didn't know my mom well.

Karen: Lily--Lily, it's okay. I mean, come on, how well did Cane know your mom?

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