Best Y&R Lines Thursday 11/15/07

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 11/15/07--Canada; Friday 11/16/07--USA


Provided By Wanda

Kevin: Oh, well, if it's a private project-- "Get Jeff a job at Jabot in Hong Kong office. Frame Jeff for a crime." Mom, what is this? Are you crazy? Don't answer that. I don't know why I keep asking when I already know the answer to that question.

Gloria: Well, at least one of us is trying to find a solution to our problem.

Kevin: Our problem? No, my problem is that we don't have any ice cream. This--this--

Gloria: This is necessary, and if you don't wanna help me, go away. And give me some time alone.

Kevin: You want time alone? You keep trying to frame him for a crime, you're gonna have plenty of time alone behind bars.

Gloria: Listen, I told you, William left a message-- "if anything happens to me, don't let her get away with it." If I don't stop Jeffrey from going to the cops, I am gonna be arrested for murder.

Kevin: I am sorry, mom, but number five-- telling him he's won a contest and sending him on a world cruise? That's not gonna stop him forever.

Gloria: It's a list. I'm trying. Got any better ideas, please, be my guest.

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