Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 11/13/07

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 11/13/07--Canada; Wednesday 11/14/07--USA


Provided By Wanda

Gloria: Kevin, having a laptop on the table, even if the dishes have been cleared, is like me putting on toenail polish in church. It's not civilized.

Kevin: Who knew I was a threat to western civilization?

Gloria: Oh, stop it. Just put it away. I need your help.

Kevin: Already I don't like the sound of this or the look in your eye. It's a no-good- can-come-of-this-for-Kevin look.

Gloria: You know, you're very strange sometime. You're very sweet, but very strange. I need you to go over to the bar and keep Jeffrey Bardwell occupied. Because I'm going up to his room and I don't want him to catch me. I need to find that jar of contaminated cream if he has it..... I have no choice but to go through with it, Kevin. If I wanna hold onto my money and my freedom, he can't have anything on me.

Kevin: Where did you get a master key?

Gloria: I stole it from the housekeeper.

Kevin: Of course you did. It was on your list of things to do-- pick up the dry cleaning, finish "War and Peace," steal the master key from the housekeeper. Yeah. Yeah.

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