Best Y&R Lines Thursday 10/18/07

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 10/18/07--Canada; Friday 10/19/07--USA


Provided By Wanda

Maggie: But I guess that's why we get along so well.

Lauren: Have you met his mother yet?

Maggie: No. No, I haven't met her, but I've heard some stories.

Lauren: Oh, yeah, there's stories. You know that she's famous for her spare ribs and sauerkraut? Do you know that?

Maggie: Yeah, he said something-- something about that.

Lauren: Right. Well, one night we went over there for dinner, and that's what she was serving, of course--

Lauren: And made us take a bag home, and I-I guess we forgot to put it in the fridge-- I don't know what happened-- but we decided to go to a movie and--and then to the lake house for the weekend, and when we got home... oh, my God, it smelled like someone had died in there.

Maggie: I'll bet! Wow. So you and Paul used to live together?

Lauren: I thought you knew. He's my ex-husband.

Maggie: So... guess who I was talking to while you were upstairs? Your ex-wife.

Paul: Which one?

Maggie: Lauren. That's funny how that never came up. I wonder what other deep, dark secrets you've kept hidden from me.

Paul: Well, I bet you don't know that I play the bongos.

Maggie: No, I know you don't play the bongos. You have no rhythm.

Paul: Bagpipes? Hey, I can pull 'em out when we get home.

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