Best Y&R Lines Monday 10/8/07

Best Lines of Y&R Monday 10/8/07--Canada; Tuesday 10/9/07--USA


Provided By Wanda

Jack: I have descended to some level of hell Dante forgot to mention. I'm being spied on, indicted for saving my father's company, ethics committee's breathing down my neck, I'm defending myself against rumors, you're being trashed by the tabloids for just being my wife.

Sharon: Okay, forget about me.

Jack: And now the police wanna talk to me about a homicide. A homicide? I mean, I keep saying things couldn't get any worse. They keep getting worse.

Sharon: I know, because they think you're hiding something.

Jack: Exactly. I exercise my constitutional right to have an attorney present and it looks like I have something to hide. I'm telling you, the minute the press hears about this... I'm guilty. I'm road kill. They keep running over me again and again and again.

Sharon: I love you. And you are still standing, Senator Road Kill.

Jack: Give me a minute, I'll figure out what's good about that.

Sharon: Okay, not the road kill part, but the fact that I love you. And no matter what stuff hits the fan, or what they throw at you, you are still undefeated. It doesn't change the way you tie your tie.

Jack: I can't let them think they got to me.

Sharon: Exactly. Or your dedication to the legislature or your work ethic. And you come home every day to a wife who loves you and a kid who adores you. And so, tell me, who's really winning this battle?

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