Best Y&R Lines Friday 10/5/07

Best Lines of Y&R Friday 10/5/07--Canada; Monday 10/8/07--USA


Provided By Wanda

Jack: Listen, I've been doing some thinking. There is one way to end all this press scrutiny and get our lives back once and for all. I can give up my senate seat.

Sharon: I would never ask you to do that.

Jack: I know that. I know. But I'm giving it some thought. You and Noah are the most important thing in my life.

Sharon: Well, I remember a time when Noah ran away from home and you told him that quitting was never the answer, so... what kind of example would you set for him if you quit?

Jack: Always the voice of reason.

Sharon: Hey, you know, I married you because you never give up on what you want. And I can handle these gossip mongers. I just needed a break.

Jack: You're absolutely right. I'm turning my phone off, too. (Daniel) You can man the phones. If anyone asks about the senator's latest comment on this, uh, scandal rag, he has no comment. He's going to lunch with his wife, 'cause they're a team. See ya.

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