Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 10/2/07

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 10/2/07--Canada; Wednesday 10/3/07--USA


Provided By Wanda

Sharon: The event planner for Cassie's benefit. We were supposed to get together this morning.

Jack: You might wanna run that by Nick, your co-host. I've got his number if you don't know it by heart. ....... Hey, I thought of a great way for you to raise money at your benefit. Maybe you and Nick could open a kissing booth.

Sharon: Look, you don't have to worry about Nick, okay? He loves you.

Phyllis: I know that. I know he does. I trust Nick. It's Jack I'm worried about. Do you know how badly you hurt him? I mean... he -- he never expected you to go behind his back and do something like this.

Sharon: Oh, but he did expect it from you, right? You know, if hypocrisy were against the law, Phyllis, you'd be doing a life sentence.

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