Best Y&R Lines Thursday 9/20/07

Best Lines of Y&R Thursday 9/20/07--Canada; Friday 9/21/07--USA


Provided By Wanda

Kevin: You know, mom, I know this will come as a complete shock to you, as you'd never pressure me into doing something that could make "the convicted felon" my middle name, but making that DVD was illegal.

Gloria: I called Victor Newman last night.

Kevin: Why, are you gonna marry, then bury him?

Gloria: Don't make jokes about this, Kevin.

Kevin: Let me guess, you offered him the DVD.

Gloria: I said I might have something of interest concerning Jack.

Kevin: Might? Now that is an auxiliary verb used to express possibility, not certainty.

Kevin: "Wisconsin cheese fest expects big crowd." Wow.

Gloria: Jack's not on the front page anymore.

Kevin: Bumped by cheddar. That has to hurt. Mom, there is a Senate investigation--

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