Best Y&R Lines Wednesday 9/19/07

Best Lines of Y&R Wednesday 9/19/07--Canada; Thursday 9/20/07--USA


Provided By Wanda

Gloria: I'm going to sleep so well tonight knowing that my little Kevin ain't going to prison.

Kevin: Feel free to enter without knocking, mom, and I'll feel free to run around my apartment naked.

Gloria: You got a plea bargain. Your crazy ex-girlfriend's locked up. It's a load off my mind, and I've had an epiphany.

Kevin: How biblical of you.

Gloria: Karma is real, Kevin. Jack Abbott is finally getting everything he deserves.

Kevin: Not everything he deserves.

Gloria: Well, honey, I'm not that greedy. I'll settle for disgrace, the end of his political career and lots and lots and lots of financial loss.

Kevin: And let me guess-- we're gonna put the final nail in the coffin?

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