Best Y&R Lines Tuesday 9/11/07

Best Lines of Y&R Tuesday 9/11/07--Canada; Wednesday 9/12/07--USA


Provided By Wanda

Jack: I don't want you having breakfast, lunch, dinner or anything else alone with my wife again. You tarnished her reputation with your testimony at the trial. You've done enough damage already.

Brad: Mm, really? And, uh, are you protecting her reputation by forcing her to smile at the cameras and pretend that your lies are the truth, Jack?

Jack: Don't take advantage of a difficult situation here.

Brad: Yours or hers?

Jack: Ours. Do what I ask, Bradley, or I promise you will regret it. Thank you.

Brad: I'm gonna give you a friendly piece of advice. Raise your glass and smile so the people sitting at that table over there don't think you're worrying about your upcoming indictment.

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